My personal projects

In this page i brag talk about some of my personal projects (there's only one right now because i am very very lazy)


100% faked post just for the screenshot

Etechan is a badly written 4chan clone. It is meant to be my school's official shitposting platform™

When it was created, i've announced to all the people i know in school (not a lot), the first hours it got a reasonable amount of traffic. It even got hacked (a dude made 600+ posts in less than a minute!).

Then a friend of mine gave me the brilliant idea of making a answer board, so we can share school related work anonymously.

recently i've moved the site from my living room to Free web hosting area. Right now there's only recent posts made after the server change, i plan to merge the two databases (the one in my home server and from free hosting area) in the future.

Status: active!